LEAD is an exciting new ministry aimed to connect and help one another to learn and grow into all that God calls each of us to be. LEAD isn't just for those who are spiritually gifted in leadership or who currently hold leadership positions. LEAD is for anyone who aspires to know and serve God in their homes, schools, or workplaces. LEAD is for anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God and with others.

We all need the power of community and LEAD is here to help. LEAD is about walking alongside one another in a biblically-based, discipling relationship. It's about encouraging one another and learning together to prompt personal transformation and spiritual maturity. LEAD is for everyone - whether you're an established leader or believer, an emerging leader or student, you can be a better leader in whatever you do and wherever you are. 

"Building into each other to grow God-given potential."

This is our mission. We all have potential. We can all help each other. LEAD brings the two together. Together, we can develop and use our gifts, heart, abilities and experiences in His service, and to His glory. 

Come join us. LEAD is an open door to friendship, purpose, learning, and growth. It's about being the best you, you can be.